Why Pixar Released A Monsters, Inc. Prequel Instead Of A Sequel

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In 2013 many were excited for the release of the prequel Monsters University. The movie brought light to how Mike and Sully had first met at monster college years before Monsters, Inc.

If you remember how the first movie had ended though, you yourself might question what was to come next in the future of the universe and not what had happened in the past.

The original Monsters, Inc ended with Mike and Sully putting back together the pieces of Boo’s door to revisit her.

Although, when the prequel hit theaters the question of whether Mike and Sully ever got to see Boo again was not addressed because the movie was a prequel and was focused on the time prior to Monsters, Inc.

So why did Pixar make a prequel instead of a sequel of the hit film?

Because Pixar didn’t believe there was a good enough reason to bring Boo’s life back to the big screen.

The director of the film Pete Doctor said in an interview, “The Pixar minds wouldn’t tackle that story unless it was truly compelling… We purposely went with a prequel for Monsters University because we didn’t want to answer some of the questions about what happens to Boo, and how does she grow up, and things like that. It would have to be really compelling, which is hopefully the benchmark for all of our sequels, anyway.”

When asked if there was gong to be another movie in the franchise Doctor went on to say that, “Who knows what will happen?” Currently there are no plans for a Monsters, Inc. 3.


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